THANKS A LOT! I've read everything here what I wanted to learn about a transAtlantic cruise. It's very useful that you write about the diffuculties as well.
Thanks again,
best regards,
Mari Falcsik from Budapest, Hungary

My husband and I are thinking of a trip, first cruise for us both leaving Florida and arriving in Spain then on to Monte Carlo and Italy during the last two weeks of March. Would it be a bad choice for a first cruise. Its rather expensive, $5000 per person although the dress is formal to casual formal, something we thought we would both enjoy.
Please offer any suggestions.

Forgot one thing. The 5000 per person includes food and liquor.

Your trip sounds great for a couple that has cruised before or is familiar with being on the sea. Are you a sailor? Ocean crossings include iffy weather and occasional high seas. If your idea of a great cruise is half a dozen sea days then this is a good choice. But if you are concerned at all about being at sea, I would recommend something milder for your first cruise.

You've just shared a truly impressive and inspiring experience from your cruise voyage travel. I bet you truly had fun and a great unwinding that sends you to full satisfaction and a moment that you'd never ever forget for a lifetime.

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